About Us

Pronto Movers Company has been a highly successful local moving
business for over 10 years. 


Our sales staff goes to great length in order to make sure that
each customer is fully informed of the exact costs they should expect. Our
paperwork is designed primarily with the goal of making sure that the details
are well understood, clear, easy to read and unambiguous.


95% of our customers are very satisfied with
the service offered and ready to recommend to those around them.


We are a moving company in Ottawa that understands the pressure
our customers are feeling during their moving time, and we strive to offer additional features that are meant to facilitate your move. 

Thanks to word-of-mouth and constant refferals, we now deal with
hundreds of  clients every year. People are raving about us online! Why?
Because, we really care, we don’t overcharge and we deliver what we promised!


Meet The Pronto MOvers Team

Mike F


We at Pronto Movers strive as a team to not only meet but surpass the needs and expectations of our clients. Any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to give us a call or email, and inquire about our services.

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