Located in Ottawa serving Kemptville and surrounding areas

Insurance & Limits of Liability

Our service includes a $2,000,000 liability coverage, 50,000$ cargo insurance policy with a $200 deductible. The customer is responsible for the deductible on any insurance claims.

If you require additional coverages please contact us, as we do have different extended coverages available for purchase.

Full Value Protection.

Full-value protection allows us two options if any articles are destroyed or damaged during the move. This is also called “full replacement value.” The insurance adjuster, not the consumer, decides how amends will be made for the property. We can either have the item repaired so it is in the same condition as it was before being damage occurred, or we can replace the item with another of like-kind. Items valued over 2,000$ are considered High Value items (HV) and will require additional documentation and insurance. HV items should be mentioned in advance to insure additional protection is available.


Insurance does not automatically pay for any damage. It must be clearly shown that the mover was responsible for the damage.

Items in boxes not packed by the mover are not covered, unless the outside of the carton provides clear evidence that the entire box was damaged during the moving.

In order to start a claim process, a client has to report the damage to the movers and pay the full amount of the move performed.

The moving company shall not under any circumstances, be liable for:

  1. Loss, damage or delay to any of the goods described in the bill of lading caused by an act of God, the Queen’s or public enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, an act or default of the consignor, Owner or Customer, authority of law and or quarantine.
  2. Mechanical quality of any electronics or appliances.
  3. Acoustical quality of any musical instruments
  4. Damage to articles made of press board, particle board or wafer board or similar structured materials.
  5. Damage to glass, marble or similar materials, as an independent item or as part of articles being moved (unless proper packing provided by customer, e.g. cardboard box with corners support for glass table tops, wooden crate for marble table tops)
  6. Damage caused by or due to peeling veneer of any sort
  7. Deterioration of any article due to aging, temperature, humidity or moisture
  8. Items of extraordinary value including but not limited to Mortgage Papers, Legal Documents, Business Documents, Antique’s, Jewelry are not covered by either release rate liability or full value protection. Therefore, these items are moved and/or transported at owner’s risk.
  9. Exterior cosmetic damage on unboxed merchandise caused by Company is consignor’s sole responsibility. Company does not take any responsibility whatsoever on items that are unpacked or poorly packed.
  10. Pronto Movers reserves the right to refuse to move items through passages or stairways with less than 2 inches clearance all around the walls/ceiling and the item in question. In booking our services/agreeing to these terms and condition of service you are waiving any liability against Pronto Movers for damage that might occur to the passage, stairways, walls or the items in question during execution of such maneuvers.

The insurance does not cover:

  • Mechanical or electronic functions of instruments or appliances.
  • Furniture that you have not allowed us to properly pad and wrap to protect from potential damage.
  • Items in storage.
  • Personal items of monetary value, such as jewelry, cash, fine art, special items (please take them with you).
  • Any item that is valued at over $2000 must have a Proof or Purchase or Appraisal upon loading.

To be insured against damages, the following items must be crated or placed in specialized boxes/cases:

  • Products made of natural stone, concrete, ceramic, porcelain, or glass.
  • Paintings, sculptures, or other work of art
  • Grandfather clocks, chandeliers, flat screen televisions, musical instruments
  • Small appliances such as microwaves, stereo equipment, printers, computers, and monitors.
  • Mirrors, wall clocks and hanging fixtures.
  • Mattresses will not be insured against structural damage if the customer requests that they be bent or folded during the moving process.
  • Sports/exercise equipment (eg. bikes, treadmills, home gyms, kayaks, canoes, paddle/surf/sailboards) unless packed/crated by an agent of Pronto Movers.
  • Motorized vehicles/equip (eg. motorbikes, lawnmowers, snowblower) mobility aids (eg. wheelchairs); medical equipment (eg. hospital beds)
  • Any damages where the crew have pointed out to the customer that they are likely to occur and the customer accepts that risk. An example of this would be moving an over-sized couch through a narrow stairway/hallway/doorway where the couch must touch the walls/railings/stairs in order to fit through the passage.
  • Any damage resulting from the interference or assistance of a customer or other(s) in the moving or packing process.
  • Damages to the home unless documented on the work order prior to the moving crew leaving the home. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the home and bring any damages to the attention of the crew before they leave the site. The company may, at its discretion, accept responsibility for damages after the fact.
  • Damages to any item or resulting from any item loaded to or from a vehicle/container/warehouse/storage unit not owned, leased, or otherwise contracted by Pronto Movers.

Pronto Movers will not insure any contents of boxes and packaged/wrapped items unless they are packaged/wrapped and unpacked/unwrapped by Pronto Movers employees or agents. If any professional packing services are required, there is an additional cost and they must be requested prior to the arrival of the moving crew.