Packing Instructions

Packing and organizing are crucial elements of moving. However, when it is time to unpack, things inevitably get lost or misplaced.  To avoid being in this situation, and avoid losing any items you may have packed, as well as making sure your move is as smooth as possible, here are some helpful tips you should consider:

  1. Be ready with the right packing supplies

The obvious packing tools you need are boxes and luggages.  Yes, you will need boxes, and lots of them. Moreover, you will also need markers and colour labels.

  1. Segregate

Make sure you separate your personal and important items that you would need to keep with you. For these items, you’ll have to use your own luggages and bags.  The other items that you would like to pack will mostly go into boxes that will be handled by your mover.  You can also sort things out by the items that you don’t use daily, and separate them from your other frequently used belongings.

  1. Things to keep with you

These will be valuable items like jewellery, antiques, and collections.  You’ll also need to keep important items such as keys, passports, birth certificates, deeds, bank records, school records, contracts and more.  Since it will take some time to get most of your stuff in boxes, it’s a good idea to keep some personal items with you in case you need them right away.  These will be things like toiletries, a few sets of clothing, sheets, towels, and an extra pair of shoes.  Be prepared to have a few boxes to store all your personal belongings.

  1. A little organization goes a long way

Keep all your belongings in one place.  Place all bedroom items in boxes which are assigned to a particular colour for that room. An example, would be to use the colour red in all these boxes and making sure that they all have the same red label on them. Write the contents on the label or on the outside of the box to help you unpack once you have moved.  In your new house, continue the colour coding scheme by placing a red label on the bedroom door, so that the movers can place all the red-labelled boxes there.

  1. Boxes are your friends

You will rely on boxes to protect your belongings.  Do not use boxes that are old or that have become structurally weak.  Also, fill your boxes to their full capacity.  Weak boxes or half-empty ones that end up under other boxes are likely to get crushed – together with their items!  On the other hand, overfilled boxes can burst.  The exterior of boxes are all writing surfaces.  Use them to your advantage by writing down critical information like FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP, or even just writing the general items that are located inside the box.

  1. Choose your mover wisely

Moving is stressful enough.  Do yourself a favor by getting the services of a reliable and professional mover.  The moving company you choose will be your biggest helper in this demanding task.  As a result, make sure you choose them wisely and hire a moving company who can ensure that your belongings will arrive safely in your new home.